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Join M-E In This MAJESTIK Journey.
Looking For INSPIRATIONAL Hearts

People who have a mindset goal to make a better change in this world are welcome.

We are always looking for people interested in making a better change for us all through INSPIRATIONAL Edutainment. Please contact us if you are interested in auditioning and/or participating in any way for our music videos and TV shows. Studio is located in LA County in the City of Paramount. Come on! Lets Make Better Change Together!

  Time to Get Involved in this MAJESTIK INSPIRATION!





Yes, its time to get involved in sharing the INSPIRATION and making a better change with "MAJESTIK ELEMENT". Looking for peeps with BIG HEARTS and who care to make a bett er change through this INSPIRATION. "MAJESTIK ELEMENT" is working on some music videos and a GREAT MOVIE project.

Here is what we are looking for.



Film Editors

Video crew

Background Artists


ASL Interpreters

Peeps to pass out Fliers

Tech group


Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing and anyone who cares in making a better change in this world should join this MAJESTIK INSPIRATION.

This is also great for students in learning the ARTS of ENTERTAINMENT and/or SIGN LANGUAGE.

Come one Come ALL....

Also ablamos Espanol....

Thank You All and Many Blessings,


Koylee & Cande meet the Famous Paula Abdul.