Our Founder

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Koylee Ramos is the founder of "Majestik Element". It began with a dream to creat a New World of communication that has rapidly begun to revolutionize the way the rest of our world hears music. "MAJESTIK ELEMENT" has created through the entertainment a style of DANCE that has UNITED Dancers, Musicians, Vocalist for the intended purpose to bridge the gap between the DEAF, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to teach American Sign Language through interpretive style of Dance (to all kinds of music) hoping to INSPIRE family and friends of the DEAF to learn how to communicate with each other. "Majestik Element's" goal is to reach and INSPIRE as many people as possible. It is also our hope that when the next unexpected DEAF Baby is born, that he/she will not be robbed of their Education. Furhermore We hope that these people will have already had an experience with learning American Sign Language through "MAJESTIK ELEMENT" and will in return take the time to continue learning American Sign Language and teach it to their children.


911 was a year of destructionin in 2001. It was also the year that people of all ethnicity's, friends, families, and strangers alike united as one people an American people bridging the gap between all racial divides buy loving and helping one another during the time of national disaster.

911 was a year of construction in 2002. This was the day that "MAJESTIK ELEMENT" was birthed in order to reconstruct and build the lives of the DEAF and their families. Inspired by the events of 911 and the division between DEAF and Hearing Koylee Ramos decided that he was going to make a significant contribution to society by creating entertainment with a CAUSE. A cause, that will cross all racial divides and unite all people