"Majestik Element"

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SignSyncing To Top Music!!!

SEE what you HEAR and HEAR what you SEE!

Edutainment by Deaf and Hearing group called "MAJESTIK ELEMENT" The bridge to bringing all of the hearing and the deaf audience to get together thru ASL (Artistic Sign Language) INSPIRATIONAL performances. Hearing need to see that Deaf can do and that anything is possible. Hearing get to learn new language at the same time to get everyone INSPIRED.

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Majestik Element Thank you all for email, fax, letters, and support. We LOVE you all.

 You have a Special event and need an INSPIRATIONAL time? Contact us any time.

Our "Majestik Deaf DJ" is Joey. 

Joey has joined "Majestik Element" Group to show the world that DEAF CAN!